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Known as a nationalist and revolutionary, the Philippine lawyer Andres Bonifacio started the Philippine Revolution against its colonial master Spain in 1892.

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Jose Rizal is the Philippines' National Hero. He was an eye doctor, artist, and writer. As a non-violent reformist, his written works inspired a revolution that led to the transformation of the Philippines into an independent democracy. He died a martyr, leaving behind a famous death poem entitled "Mi Ultimo Adios" or "My Last Farewell".

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Alfonso T. Yuchengco is a Chinese-Philippine industrialist and former ambassador. The Yuchengco Museum in the RCBC Plaza combines an exhibition about Yuchengco's life and Chinese heritage with his private collection, complemented by temporary art and design exhibitions. Featured artists include some of the country's finest painters, such as Juan Luna, Fernando Amorsolo and Botong Francisco.