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Makati Sports Club is deemed an urban oasis located in the midst of the Makati Central Business District. It features diverse facilities both for business and leisure, making the first proprietary stock, non-profit sports club in the country a great place to go to.

General Information

Conceived by the Ayala Conglomerate in the mid-1970s, Makati Sports Club has established itself as a premiere sports club since its inception. The sports and social club sits on a 1.3 hectare lot inside Salcedo Village, forming the recreational part of this HotSpot together with the Salcedo Park.

As a member of the Makati Sports Club, you are allowed to use its facilities which include a swimming pool, tennis court, and a function room. You can enjoy à la carte or buffet dining at the pool bar as well as various hot and cold beverages while discussing your latest business deal or while waiting for your significant other to finish his or her rounds in the swimming pool.

Shielded from the busy outside world, Makati Sports Club allows you to relax, even during your lunch break or after work or until the traffic jam has settled down.

Location And How To Get There

L.P. Leviste corner Gallardo Streets, Salcedo Village, Makati City

Tel: (63) 2 817 8731 39


Makati Sports Club is located in the middle of Salcedo Village, Makati City. See our Hotspot map for further details. Avoid taking a cab to this area during rush hour because it is highly prone to traffic jams due to a combination of narrow one-way streets and lots of foot traffic coming from the high rise offices and condominiums near the place. If you must go to the Makati Sports Club, try to get off at RCBC Plaza and walk the rest of the way.

Guide For Megacitizens

How to become a member

Membership at the Makati Sports Club is by invitation. Members can recommend friends, colleagues, and business associates and the club will then decide on approving the application. They also issue corporate memberships owned in the name of a company.

If you are not a member

You can only enter Makati Sports Club and make use of its facilities if you are a member or if you are accompanied by a member of the club. If you however have a friend who is a member, you can either join the club upon his or her recommendation or ask him or her for the membership card and a written and signed letter of authorization. Everything you consume or use will be booked on this membership card and subsequently has to be paid at the end of the month.