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For four days, Art Fair Philippines transformed the 6th floor of the car park 'The Link' in Makati into a big showroom for contemporary Philippine Art. 24 galleries from Metro Manila participated, including major ones like Manila Contemporary, Pablo, Silverlens and Finale Art File.

Philippine Art is on the rise. With the Art Fair Philippines debuting in February 2013, Metro Manila is now home to two annual high-class art fairs, the other one being ManilArt, which takes place in SMX Convention Center since 2009.

Art Fair Philippines focusses on contemporary art that is innovative in concept, approach and technique. From February 7 to 10 it displayed the great variety of forms, styles, subjects and artistic means of expression that Filipino artists work with these days. Art enthusiasts could spent hours appreciating ironic pop-art paintings, abstract drawings and surrealistic sculptures, as well as post-modern eclecticism with reminiscences of religious motifs and of post-colonial Philippine art.

Artistic highlights were the specially commissioned installations by Yason Banal, Norbert S. Roldan, Ronald Ventura (photo) and Gabriel Barredo. Ventura puts the ritual statuary 'bulol' of the Philippine Cordillera region in new contexts and thus leads the observer to rethink concepts of ethnicity, tradition and authenticity in the post-colonial world. Gabriel Barredo's mixed media assemblage 'Asphalt' was probably the most popular artwork. The gloomy and dim landscape, with an estimated lenght of 12 meters, is composed of uncountable little sculptures and pieces, moving objects, dolls and figurines, made of metal, glass and porcelain.

The event was completed by concurrent lectures in the Ayala Museum, on art conversation, the art market, and 'The “F” Word: Fake, Fraud, and Forgery'. The Art Fair Philippines opens its doors not only for collectors but for anybody interested in modern art, for a reasonable entrance fee of 150 Pesos.

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When & Where

Art Fair Philippines 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014, 10am-10pm.

Jaime Velasquez Park, Makati City

Art Fair Philippines 2015

Thursday-Sunday, February 5-8, 2015.