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Howzat is a sports bar that clearly caters to an international crowd. Located in the Jupiter-Burgos-Kalayaan HotSpot, it shows international sport events, has a good selection of imported beers, an international menu, and a deli with rare goods from Europe. 

General Information

Among the regular sports events that Howzat shows on numerous screens and with an HD projector are the following: Formula 1, football (English Premier League, World Cup, Bundesliga, etc), rugby and American Football (NRL, IRB, NFL,AFL), hockey (NHL), golf, and boxing.

The menu combines the best bar food from all over the world. This includes Philippine sizzling dishes, pizza and pasta, British pies, Indian and Thai curries, and a wide array of burgers, steaks, and sandwiches.

The place has its own deli, offering fresh bread and sausages as well as imported goods from the UK, Germany and other (mostly European) countries. The selection of drinks, sweets and savory delicacies includes some rather exotic stuff, such as minced jelly and sauerkraut.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Howzat is a cozy place to watch sports with a crowd, all the more if you manage to get a stool at one of the high wooden tables. In case you prefer watching your favorite sports outside, there are TV screens even in the bar's outdoor area. Just recently, the bar has extended its facilities to accommodate the growing number of patrons. Go check it out!

Special Services

Sports TV. Click here for the upcoming events.



Happy hour, lunch buffet, and other daily specials. Check the website for details.

Beside Howzat Sports Bar you find the Howzat Inn, with nine cozy and affordable rooms.

Location & How To Get There

Kalayaan venue corner Firmena Street, HotSpot Jupiter-Burgos-Kalayaan, Makati City


Tel: (63) 2 897 3335


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