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Jollibee is without a doubt an icon in the Philippines. As a mascot, the red-white-yellow bee – chubby, cuddly and always smiling – is omnipresent here and far more popular than Ronald McDonald. The same is true for the restaurant it represents. Thanks to Jollibee, the Philippines is one of the few countries where McDonald's is not the No.1 fast food chain.

The Jollibee mascot was introduced in 1980, shortly after the company - which started as an ice cream parlor in Cubao - had entered the fast food business. The dancing bee is the star guest at every Jollibee kids party, gives concerts and has its own children's TV show, 'Jollitown'.

Jollibee's recipe for success is probably the adaption of the Western fast food concept to the Filipino taste. The restaurant does not only offer the classic combination of burgers, fries and soft drinks, but also a selection of rice meals, sweet spaghetti, palabok noodles, and Philippine-style breakfast meals such as longganisa or tapa with garlic rice.

The strategy works. Jollibee is arguably the king of fast food, loved by kids, call center agents and business men alike. As of now, the company operates more than 750 stores in the Philippines, many of which are open 24/7. You find them in every mall, every business district, at gas stations along major highways and in the main street of every bigger town.

Following the overseas Filipino workers and migrants, Jollibee expanded its network of restaurants to other Southeast Asian countries, some Gulf States, and the USA. In the 1990s the Jollibee Foods Corporation started acquiring majority stakes in many other popular fast food restaurants, including Greenwich Pizza, Chowking, Red Ribbon, and Burger King Philippines.


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Jollibee Mascot

The Jollibee mascot was introduced in 1980, shortly after the company had entered the fast food business.