Metro Manila · Filipino Weightlifter Bags Silver Medal In Rio

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Hidilyn Diaz said they were only expecting a bronze medal. Diaz was recently awarded a total of 7 million pesos for bagging a silver medal.

A Filipino won a silver medal at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Filipina weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz competed in the women’s 53 kilogram weightlifting category and bagged a silver medal for the Philippines ending the country’s medal drought. Diaz shared her victory with a group of Filipinos at the venue by taking a selfie with them, according to sources.

Diaz’s medal is the first for the country after Onyok Velasco’s triumph 20 years ago in Atlanta. In an interview, Diaz told reporters that she did her best for the country. Diaz also said that they were only expecting a bronze medal.

The Philippine Senate paid tribute to Hidilyn Diaz on Wednesday. Diaz, along with a fellow weightlifter, paid the Senate a visit. Boxing superstar and now senator Manny Pacquiao congratulated Diaz.

“As chairperson of the Senate Committee on Sports, I filed Senate resolution 83 co-authored by all the senators, commending your efforts,” Manny Pacquiao said in a speech. Pacquiao added that Diaz “has proven that Filipinos are capable of winning in the Olympics.”

The Senate also approved additional incentives for Diaz from the Senate’s savings. Pacquiao himself also promised to give the Filipina weightlifter an additional reward.

Diaz recently received 5 million pesos from the Philippine Sports Commission. The Zamboangeña was also given 2 million pesos from President Rodrigo Duterte.