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It is safe to say that all Megacitizens in Manila are also active in the Cyberspace – and as soon as they are reading this paragraph, they are also Megacitizens in Cyberspace. The reason for that is quite simple. Cost for connection to the Internet via smart phone or USB dongle for the laptop are comparatively low and free wireless networks are provided in many coffee shops and restaurants in all HotSpots.

In addition to that, there is no censorship currently in place. It means that all websites can be accessed from anywhere in the Megacity. However, the speed of the Internet connection might be low and some connections to international servers might fail occasionally, but this is just a matter of hitting 'refresh' in the browser.

The most popular social networking sites in the Megacity are Facebook and Twitter. Several government agencies, such as the one regulating the traffic (MMDA) or the one responsible for weather updates (PAGASA) have their own Facebook and even Twitter accounts. For more information, see 'Manila Cyberspace'.

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The Philippines is host to some of the best hackers world wide. Combined with quite a high number of thefts and stolen laptops and smart phones, information security becomes and important topic. If your gadgets get stolen, at least you can prevent the thief from browsing through your bank data.

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Manila is a gadget-hungry Megacity. Megacitizens are always hunting for the latest smartphones and the hottest trends in gadgetry. Unfortunately, it is a myth that premium gadgets are much cheaper in Manila than in the United States or Europe. Truth is: they are slightly cheaper but you won't get the latest models as soon as they are available in the US.