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The Megacity Manila is the capital of a developing country, a tropical developing country. It therefore qualifies to either a) do some volunteer work or b) take your backpack and climb the caves of Sagada, enjoy the Pristine beaches of Bohol or listen to some of the best live music on Earth in the Megacity itself. The Megacity is a hub for Backpackers and Volunteers, some of who are pursuing these tasks in the whole of Southeast Asia.

Both groups are normally composed of very young people, most of them just finished their high school degrees back home. They decided to spend some time abroad before starting with college/ university life. Their reasons to be in the Megacity might be different but they have in common the desire for a nice place to stay, meeting warm people and indulge in good food and cold drinks.

The length of stay for an average bagpacker or volunteer is a couple of week to a couple of months. Most of them will use the Megacity as a hub to travel between different national and international destinations. But as well all know, Metro Manila is more than just a hub - it is city full of Hotspots which are worth visiting.