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The Philippine band scene is highly competitive, and the performance of a good band is a fantastic thing to experience! Live music is a very common thing in Manila's bars - here are some of our favorite venues in the Megacity.

There a lot of bars and bars/restaurants which offer live music, usually without any entrance fee. In general, live music does not start before 9 pm, most of the time it is even 10 pm before the first bands enchant you with their stunning performance. No matter if Jazz, Pop or Rock, Philippine live bands are a delight to hear. The band scene is quite big in the Megacity and therefore you will surely find some favorite bands. Most of the live music bars also offer a good collection of drinks and food ranging from fast food to international cuisine, depending on what establishment you choose.

Most live bars can be found in the HotSpots Jupiter, Thomas Morato, Malate, and Quezon City.