Metro Manila · H & J Sports Restobar (formerly Heckle & Jeckle)

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The sportsbar Heckle and Jeckle has always been a favorite expat hangout in the Jupiter and Burgos area in Makati City. 

General Information

If you have a drink at the long-stretched bar, a smoke in the outside area, or if you play a game of billiards, you'll always be able to watch the daily top events from the world of football ("soccer") (mainly English Premier League), rugby, tennis, basketball, and other sports. Sometimes they even show two different games at once.

They have two types of cuisine, Western and Indian. The Western dishes include pasta, steaks, salads, desserts, breakfast meals and the best-selling 12-inch pizza, freshly made in a brick oven. The Indian food served in this place is prepared by an Indian chef and the most popular Indian dish is their chicken tikka masala.

H&J has a very polite staff and the music is great. The ambiance makes dining (and having a round of drinks) a great experience. The liquor menu offers a lot of choices too. While there are only a few imported beers available, you can knock yourself out when it comes to whiskey.

The menu offers a range of dishes – from sandwiches to big breakfast meals to main dishes and pica-pica (finger food). H&J also offers a range of desserts and pies.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Looking for Megacitizens from all over the world? At H & J you'll find a very international crowd, with a lot of Europeans as well as Americans, Indians, Koreans, and Japanese. You can dine and have a round of drinks from Friday night to Monday morning - the place stays open around the clock.

The drinks and specials are ever-changing making dining in this sports bar a good way to try different items whenever you pay it a visit. 

Special Services

Live bands every Wednesday and Friday night, usually blues and rock.

Wednesday Ladies Night, with free tequila and cheap frozen margaritas for the ladies.

Sometimes special events such as comedy nights, street parties, or flamenco nights are held.

Function room in the upper area.


Happy hour from 2 to 10pm

Location And How To Get There

HotSpot Jupiter, Burgos, Kalayaan

Felipe corner Polaris Street, Makati City

Tel:(63) 2 954 1130