Metro Manila · Over-The-Counter Payment Centers

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Over-the-counter (OTC) payment collection services are often located in shopping malls, grocery stores, and sometimes the nearest street corner. You can settle most of your monthly bills and many other payments by dropping by these shops. 

OTCs allow Megacitizens to pay a wide range of bills, e.g. for water, electricitycable tvinternetphone, subscriptions, and online-booked tickets for flights and events.

These payment collection services are interesting for Megacitizens and locals alike, as it is a convenient way of paying many monthly dues. Some of these companies offer consumer application services, from credit cards to loans, and a remittance payout service, for funds sent from overseas. 

Most of these payment centers are located in malls, departments stores, and other easy-to-reach locations with high pedestrian traffic.

The biggest OTC company is Bayad Center

SM Department Stores, located inside the numerous SM Malls, have their own one-stop payment nooks.

7-Eleven Convenience Stores also accepts certain payments, though less than other OTCs. Accepted bills include Globe, Manila Water, and Sky Cable.