Metro Manila · Manila Day (Araw ng Maynila, June 24)

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On Manila Day, Manila City celebrates its foundation on June 24, 1571. Schools, government bureaus, and private offices are closed on this special non-working holiday, and ManileƱos enjoy the free time in parks and malls.

Manila had long before existed as a settlement and harbor, but only Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legaspi proclaimed it as a city and the capital of the Philippine Islands in the late 16th century. 

Various events take place all over the city, such as the coronation of Miss Manila 2015.

Many people also just make use of the free time by gathering with family and friends, strolling and picnicking in Rizal Park, or going to one of the shopping malls. Many malls have special sales and activities.

The holiday is only observed Manila City, not in the rest of Metro Manila. Festivities already start a couple of days before the actual holiday.

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