Metro Manila · Labor Day (May 1)

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Labor Day, the international day for the achievements and rights of workers, is a regular holiday in the Philippines. It is celebrated with protest marches on the one hand and job fairs on the other.

Workers unions and associations traditionally call to the streets on May 1 to protest for workers rights. The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines is expected 25,000 protesters in 2015. 

In the year 2014, the Department of Labor and Employment organized 65 job fairs all over the country on Labor Day, with 77,000 job offers in Metro Manila alone. Only smaller job fairs were held in Manila and other parts of the country were held the year after. 

Labor Day 2016 

For the past few years, Labor Day has been allotted for long weekends at the beach for most young urban professionals.  This year, Labor Day is on a Sunday which means there is no long weekend to look forward to. Because of the Election season however, it is likely that candidates running for national office will organize rallies and protests for laborers. 

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