Metro Manila · Father's Day (June 21)

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Father's Day in the Philippines is not an official holiday but it can still be celebrated by most fathers, children and soon-to-be-fathers, as it always falls on the 3rd Sunday in June. Still no idea on how to spend the day? We have some suggestions!

The dates for celebrating Father's Day vary widely in different parts of the world. Not sure what to do on Father's Day? First off, there are quite a number of sales and special events in the malls as always – have a look at our upcoming events here. Father's Day celebrations do actually not require an elaborate scheme such as Mother's Day. Therefore, we keep our advise on how to celebrate a Father's Day short and simple.

Starting the day right

Good Food and unlimited wine in the morning? No problem, just gather your pals and reserve a table at Barcino in Greenbelt 2 or in Rockwell. Delicious Spanish food meets an extensive assortment of wines from all over the world.  As a Father's Day special, they give one free bottle of Ponte Loma Red for every PhP 1,500 single receipt purchase.

Relaxation follows food

After good food and wine, it is time to relax. One of Manila's Spa's should be your destination of choice. The relaxation of a good massage and repeated visits of a sauna paired with heated discussion about family, politics and the latest sports results will be your recreational activities for the day.

Sports and steaks

Enough recreation. Now back to work – almost. The cherry on top of the ice cream will be composed of several sessions billiards and darts as well as hot steaks and cold beer. What could possibly top that? ...Taking the following Monday off!

Happy Father's Day!

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Sunday was family time. The malls are traditionally crowded on Father's day in Metro Manila, as many stores attract shoppers with special sales and activities.

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Sunday, June 21 is Father's Day! Reward your dad with one of these special buffets and promos in Metro Manila's restaurants and hotels!