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As one of the largest malls in the world, SM Mall of Asia (MOA) justifies its name. The huge conglomeration of shopping and dining opportunities with its adjacent boulevard strip of bars in stone-throwing range of the Manila Bay is simply amazing.

About the Mall

Mall of Asia’s size and breadth can tire an onlooker if seen from a distance but this mall and the other buildings around it is where ShoeMart (SM) houses its headquarters. MOA enjoys a lot of foot traffic because of its mammoth size. Being the 11th largest mall in the world and the 3rd largest in the country, Filipinos residing in the metro and those from the provinces who visit the capital from time to time usually go to the Mall of Asia. Standing on reclaimed land, this mall by the bay is also home to the very first IMAX theatre in the Philippines.

 From clothes, hardware and groceries to ice skating, cinematic experiences and some of the most amazing events of the country – MOA has it all. After an entire day of shopping and entertainment, San Miguel by the Bay – the strip of bars at the Manila Bay – invites with cold drinks and hot performances. The mall recently posted a promo for an August 2015 Sheppard concert and also announced availability of tickets for Madonna's Rebel Heart concert in 2016. Mall of Asia has an arena that often hosts performances by international artists. For more information on promos and sales, Megacitizens can visit the mall's Facebook page.                                            

Location And How To Get There

The only way of going to Mall of Asia is by cab or taxi. There is a lot of parking available, so it should not be too difficult to find an empty parking space. When coming from Makati during rush hour, going to Mall of Asia may take some time – but as mentioned, it is worth it.

When going back from Mall of Asia, having a car waiting for you at the parking space is an advantage. Trying to get a cab somewhere inside the Mall of Asia compound is nearly impossible because it is either prohibited or overpriced – or both. There is a taxi line but after events such as the international fireworks festival, getting a taxi home may take a while.

J. W. Diokno Boulevard, Pasay City
Tel: (63) 2 556 0680
Website: /

Guide for Megacitizens

Store List

Find the store list and dining options here.

Taxis Line and Parking

The taxi lines are located at Ocean Drive and Seaside Boulevard. Parking is available.

Movies and Entertainment

Find the event calendar and the entertainment options, including cinema schedules here.

Mall Hours

Monday to Sunday: 10 am – 10 pm

World Pyro Olympics 2013

February 16, 2013 - World Pyro Olympics filmed at Mall of Asia, Metro Manila.