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If there is one thing that Filipinos have mastered (apart from being some of the kindest people on Earth) it is knowing how to spend their free-time. Leisure is definitely not a problem to obtain in the Megacity Manila. No matter if you like travelling, watching movies, singing karaoke, hanging out with friends over an ice-cold beer, playing laser tag, going to the beach for a day, or spent your hard-earned money shopping: you will definitely be happy to be there.

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We all want it and we all need it every now and then: a little off time. Manila offers a wide variety of options to choose from when all you care about is yourself, your body, and how to feel better! Great massages are just one of the highlights - find out what Manila can do for you in terms of relaxation.

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What could be better after a long and stressful day at work than to work out? Metro Manila offers almost any kind of sport - from football and basketball to golf and ice skating. shows you how to keep yourself fit and healthy, and we present to you the best sport facilities and clubs in the Megacity.

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Sometimes a man has to be a man. Luckily for the Manila man, he can be himself as the Megacity presents sports screenings, delicious steaks and much more for a guys' night out!

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The Megacity is famous for its nightlife. Even though movies such as 'Hangover' were shot in Bangkok, stories like that can easily happen to you in Manila. Of course, Manila also offers more wholesome activities such as billiards, karaoke and going to the movies. Megacities would be nothing without featuring the best bars and restaurants to hang out in within our HotSpots.

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Going to the Mall or 'malling' is a favorite activity on weekends and holidays, for families and couples or for anyone who just wants to grab a quick bite. There are a lot of malls which have a lot to offer. If you are looking for activities for a night out, be warned: some of them close early, around 9 pm. This excludes all the bars outside the mall itself and the cinemas, which let you in until the last show starts, which is usually  around 10 or 11 pm. If you stick to the opening times of the malls, there is still a lot to do. You can go shopping (what malls are actually made for), watch a new blockbuster movie with your darling, have dinner in the busy but cheap food court or in a more fancy restaurant, play with your children at the playground, or compete in arcade games/ pool/ online games with your friends.

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Travelling in the Philippines is a delight since you will find tourist hotspots such as Boracay as well as many places rarely visited by tourists. With 7,107 islands in the tropical destination, there are lots of places to see, from the windy Batanes Islands in the very north to popular Palawan and Bohol to parts of Mindanao in the south. We compiled the most marvellous islands, exciting hiking trails, fascinating natural wonders, and cultural heritage sites of the Philippines for you.

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Manila is a concrete jungle with all the environmental problems many Megacities have to face: congested streets, insufficient waste management and sewage systems, smoggy air, – the list goes on. And yet, there is hope. In this section we keep you updated about environmental events, new eco-friendly policies and infrastructure projects, and we present parks and other green spots within Metro Manila.

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Clubs & Networks are a perfect opportunity to get in touch and stay connected with similar-minded people in the Megacity. While Megacities provides you with a large online community, you might also find it helpful to meet some people for a coffee in real-life. Those clubs and networks normally revolve around a common theme such as development (Rotary Club) or bring together people from the same country (German Club).

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Have you been in the situation that you are traveling through the city and then you see an event you would really like to go to? You scan for a website where to buy tickets from and you only see the name of a mall or a Facebook fanpage but have not idea where to get the tickets? Then read the following lines.

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Summer is here, the sky is blue and you want to go out. Check out what you can do during the summer even if you are in the metro. 

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Spend some of your free time on learning about the country's cultural roots and widen your horizon while in the Megacity! Metro Manila hosts a number of museums featuring Philippine culture & art, mostly private collections. There is little international art to be stunned by, but the local art will also take your breath away. There are also several interactive science and art museums that are great for a family day on weekends. Apart from that, you will find some interesting smaller museums about specific topics, from shoes and money to the Armed Forces and Chinese life in the Philippines.

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There are not a lot of theatres in the Megacity, but those are worth visiting. It is especially prudent to keep tabs of what is showing in the Cultural Centre of the Philippines as it is the main destination for performing arts. There might also be plays in other places (such as the Greenbelt Malls on the Cinema Stage) from time to time. So it is good to keep eyes and ears open to be one of the first to know what is going to hit the Megacity next.

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Just in the city for one week or some days and no clue what to do? No problem, we got that covered! As every day of the week is unique and asks for different activities, we came up with a compilation of what you can do: kicking off the week with a cold after-work beer on Monday and ending the week with sports, a walk in the park, or a big breakfast menu.

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You don't live in the Philippines but really want to get to know the country, its past and present, culture and entertainment, urban life and nature? To make sure you make the most out of your stay, we prepared a sample schedule that shows what you can do and see within one month.

Philippine Flag Bamboo Museum "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/unnamed-and-untagged/philippine-flag-bamboo-museum/334293-1-eng-GB/Philippine-Flag-Bamboo-Museum_zoom_image.jpg" 2000 1015 Philippine Flag Bamboo Museum

Life is changing constantly in a Megacity. Nevertheless, there are things that stay the same: holidays, traditional celebrations, and festivals are something to look forward to and they provide a certain structure throughout the year. Have a look at this section to see the yearly cycle of landmark events which take place in the Megacity of Manila. This is a naturally growing section, with every new landmark event finding its place here.