Metro Manila · Google brings Street View to the Philippines

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Soon you will be able to take a virtual tour through the streets of Metro Manila without leaving your couch. Google Street View cars are driving through the Megacity's roads since end of January, capturing the surroundings with a 360° camera on the roof. Other parts of the Philippines are to follow later on.

Google Street View provides its users with a panoramic 360° street-level view. This helps tourists and other Megacitizens to get first impressions and orientation in yet unknown neighborhoods. Parts of Intramuros (e.g. Fort Santiago, pictured) can already be explored through Google Street View.

Launched in 2007, Google Street View has covered more than 50 countries by now. In the Philippines, Google has partnered with the Department of Tourism to realize this project. Their service, which can be reached by browsing to, is free of charge.

For privacy reasons, photographed faces and license plates will automatically be blurred.

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