Metro Manila · Filipino language is a challenge for Google

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A little consolation for Megacitizens who try to learn Filipino but struggle with the mix of Tagalog, Spanish, and English: even for Google's developers of speech recognition and voice search, the common 'Taglish' is a challenge, as they admit on their research blog.

Eugene Weinstein and Pedro Moreno from the Google Speech Team explain the difficulties they have with Filipino: "Much like in other multilingual societies such as Hong Kong, India, South Africa, etc., Filipinos often mix several languages in their daily life. This is called code switching. Code switching complicates the design of pronunciation, language, and acoustic models."

Google therefore had to model the reality of daily language use in the speech recognizer design. The Filipino voice search system, while mainly focused on the Filipino language, now also allows users to mix in English terms.

Learning Tagalog

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