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If you are looking for even more up-to-date information unmediated by the media outlets mentioned in the other articles, you can go directly to the websites of the most important government departments and/ or follow their Twitter accounts.

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA)

The MMDA is responsible for all concerns regarding constructions within the Megacity, especially important when you are looking for updates on traffic services and during natural hazards. You can either go to its website, contact one of its offices and/ or follow the MMDA on Twitter.

Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA)

PAGASA (which means 'hope') comes in very handy when looking up the weather of the days ahead or to check the development of storms and other natural disasters. PAGASA employs a lot of new technologies for measuring and forecasting the impact of changing weather conditions. You can either check its website or follow its Twitter account for the latest updates.

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)

If you want to stay ahead in terms of environment, climate change and related environment and nature issues, it might be worthwhile to visit the website of the DENR.

Department of Tourism (DOT)

As a Megacitizen on holiday or who does not to plan to stay long in the city, it might be a good option to check the DOTs latest updated from time to time. Their slogan 'It's more fun in the Philippines' has been implemented in 2011, and the country is ever since pushing efforts toward making the country a more tourist attractive location. For further information and services, check their website.

Office of the President of the Philippines

The website of the Office of the President will allow you to get updated and stay informed about all the latest national developments. It also features a sub-section for all the services it offers to its citizens.