Metro Manila · Holidays 2017

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2016 has bid us goodbye and now we've got the new year in our midst. Are you ready for 2017? If you can't get enough of holidays in general, we've prepared the list of 2017 holidays for your reference. 

The Philippines has a high number of holidays throughout the year, most of them religious festivities or commemoration of national heroes. 

2017 will be a busy year for many Megacitizens but thankfully, there will be a number of holidays and special non-working holidays in Metro Manila and the rest of the Philippines. 

So far the Presidential Palace Malacañang has announced 19 holidays for 2017. Some of them fall on a weekend this year, but the government often moves these holidays on a Friday or Monday on short notice, giving the people a long weekend.

The Philippines usually declares the Islamic holidays Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha as public holidays as well. The exact dates depend on the Islamic calendar and will be announced later in the year.

Note also that workers earn double their pay for that day when they work on a regular holiday. Those who work on special non-working days get 130 percent of their wage for those days.

Date Day Holiday
1-Jan Sunday New Year's Day
2-Jan Monday Public Holiday
28-Jan Saturday Chinese New Year
9-Apr Sunday The Day of Valor
13-Apr Thursday Maundy Thursday
14-Apr Friday Good Friday
15-Apr Saturday Black Saturday
1-May Monday Labor Day
12-Jun Monday Independence Day
Jun   Eid Ul Fitr
21-Aug Monday Ninoy Aquino Day
28-Aug Monday National Heroes Day
Aug Friday Eid Al-Adha
31-Oct Tuesday Public Holiday
1-Nov Wednesday All Saints Day
30-Nov Thursday Bonifacio Day
25-Dec Monday Christmas Day
30-Dec Saturday Rizal Day
31-Dec Sunday New Year's Eve