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Health Care in the Megacity is generally very good. Nurses and Doctors are well educated and a substantial amount of those educated in the country work abroad, in clinics in Europe, the United States and the Middle East. In comparison to other Southeast Asian countries, there is no need to leave the country for serious illnesses. If there is a need for a second opinion, there is still the opportunity to board a three-hour flight to Singapore.

If you need certain drugs, you can go directly to any pharmacy as long as the medication does not need any proscription. Smaller clinics and specialized doctors can be found inside some of the bigger malls. In emergencies or acute problems it is advisable to directly go to the Emergency Room of one of the hospitals mentioned below.

You will have to pay your bill directly after you have been treated. Before-hand you have to show proof that you are capable of paying for whatever treatment will follow. It is highly advisable to always have access to a substantial amount in cash – as some doctors and hospitals don't accept foreign insurances as proof and might ask for cash payment before they start a medical treatment.

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Bacterial diarrhea, typhoid fever, hepatitis A, dengue fever, and leptospirosis are at the top of the list of infectious tropical diseases in the Philippines. For a safe trip it is important to know the risk, the symptoms, and how to get vaccines in the Philippines.

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Is it getting too hot in Manila? Don't strip down just yet, take a look at this Megacitzen guide on how to beat the heat in the metro this summer.

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Before, Megacitizens had to print out emergency numbers or save them on their phones. Now there are only a few numbers for you to remember. For accidents and other medical emergencies, you can dial 911. For citizen complaints, call 8888. To call the police, take a look at our list. 

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You can find pharmacies which are open 24/7 all around the city. They sell a large variety of nonprescription and prescription drugs.

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Though there are several private and public hospitals in the Megacity, there are three advised locations to go to in case of emergency or regular check-up. Your go-to locations for emergency cases or general health treatment are Makati Medical Center in the Legazpi HotSpot, Saint Luke's in the Fort Bonifacio HotSpot, and the Asian Hospital in the Alabang Hotspot. All three hospitals are well-equipped and have properly educated staff.

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Not sure where to find trusted doctors in the Megacity? We have a list for you. 

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Thinking of getting health insurance in the Philippines? PhilHealth is your best bet but there are other choices. Here, take a look!

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The question of where to go when mother nature calls is an important one. There are certain things you should know about while you are in the Megacity and the rest of the country. Should you ask for the loo or use another word for it? 

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Being away from home and living in a different country strips you of that sense of protection and security. Panic, anxiety or depression ultimately strikes if you don't deal with the problem sooner. The results can be disastrous, with some resorting to isolating themselves from the world or worse.

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Tired of buying new gallons of expensive purified water every other day? Lux water purification systems provide you with drinkable water right from the tap.

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The Supreme Court of the Philippines declared the Reproductive Health Law constitutional in April 2014, putting an end to the debate regarding birth control, sex education, and maternal care. By 2016, during his first State of the Nation Address, President Rodrigo Duterte mentioned that the RH Law will be in full force.