Metro Manila · Public Van/ FX

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The FX is a cross between the sarao/jeepney and a cab. Riding on one is like carpooling with a bunch of strangers. When it was introduced to Manila's streets, those who drove an FX or a car with fixed tariff rates utilised the Tamaraw FX, from which this mode of transportation derived its name.

Today however, Tamaraw FXs are no longer used. One can now see Toyota Revos, Mitsubishi Adventures, and Isuzu Crosswinds being used as public utility vehicles.

FX are white with something written on it. Compared to jeepneys, it travels longer distances and can bring you far. Just talk to the driver to figure out if he can drop you off at the place where you want to go to and ask him about the price. Sometimes you have to get in and out through the trunk of those vans.

There is not much leg space in these vans and they usually squeeze in as many passengers as possible. It is therefore not a recommended mode of transportation for very tall and/or big people, at least not for longer distances.