Metro Manila · American Women's Club of the Philippines (AWCP)

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The American Women's Club of the Philippines (AWCP) is an organization of Americans and spouses of American citizens residing in the Philippines. The Club promotes and fosters American cultural values in its activities while celebrating the diversity of an international community. 

The American Women's Club hosts a monthly bazaar at prime locations in the Megacity.  You should not miss out on these bazaars to buy some of the most awesome goods from all over the Philippines. Three hundred to four hundred vendors often join AWCP's bazaar so there are lots of goods to choose from!

The Megacities team visited one of the club's monthly bazaars on April 16, 2013. Digging through clothes, furniture, handicrafts from local artisans, and traditional Filipino foods was a fun experience. This one-stop shop of sorts will definitely satisfy your need for some retail therapy! The profit from the bazaar all goes to local charities. For members, it's a chance to make a significant contribution to AWCP's largest fundraising effort. As a member of the bazaar committee explains, "It takes three organizers and 50 volunteers to make the bazaar happen."  Not only fun but everything goes to charity - what more can you ask for?

This 2016, the American Women's Club will be holding more of these bazaar events. Take a look at their schedule here