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Love seafood? And buffets? If that's the case, you cannot resist Somethin Fishy's eat-all-you-can offers.

General Information

The walls of Somethin Fishy is decorated with photos of fishermen showcasing their catch. The wall decor also includes posters of fish species and even has a huge fake fish on display. The outside area has a roof to keep everyone protected from the elements while dining there. This area is particularly cozy in the evening, when lamps bathe it in warm light.

Somethin Fishy offers two types of buffets.

The Lunch & Dinner Seafood buffet is available seven times a week. The spread includes grilled salmon and tuna, sushi, fresh and baked oysters, shrimp and crabstick tempura, and a number of other seafood dishes. In addition to this wonderful seafood spread, the restaurant also serves some of the country's favorite meat dishes, including lechon, roast beef, and crispy pata. Buffet prices on regular days range from 299 pesos to 599. Prices may vary so it is a good idea to call the establishment first before going there. 

The Midnight to Morning Buffet is perfect for nighthawks, people on late- or nightshift, and those who like starting the day with a heavy meal in the morning. For an affordable price, you can choose from more than 30 Filipino and international dishes, such as ham, adobo, pancit, Spanish omelet, French toast, waffles, and much more. This buffet is available from midnight to 10 am.

What makes Somethin Fishy special apart from their buffet offerings is that they are usually open on most holidays including New Year's Day. 

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

The spacious outdoor area makes Somethin Fishy an ideal place for family gatherings or dinners with the team. Children and guests older than 70 eat for cheaper rates, kids below 3 feet eat for free.

With the very competitive prices of its Midnight to Morning Buffet, Somethin Fishy is also an option for everyday 'lunch breaks' for those who work during the night in Eastwood's outsourcing companies.

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Location & How To Get There

Unit B2&B3, Citywalk I, Eastwood, Quezon City

Tel: (63) 2 421 6412