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Bedrock is one of Malate’s most popular bars. Although there have been many changes in Malate in the past few years with many of Bedrock’s neighbors losing business, Bedrock, along with other Adriatico Street’s old-timers, still stands.

General Information

Bedrock is quite special because of its unique Flintstone-inspired décor; even the seats are like that of the famous cartoon. Years ago, Bedrock’s crew used to wear cavemen and cavewomen outfit. The manager said they might bring that back some time soon, but for now Bedrock’s customers should settle for the shirt and trousers clad waiters and waitresses. The uniform of the waiters aren’t really that important to the bar’s patrons anyway because it is the fast and friendly service that make them go back to the Malate establishment.

Aside from the décor, Bedrock Café owes its longevity in the Manila bar business to the live music programme and to its real stone grill where it cooks its bestsellers. That is what separates the café from other establishments in the area.
Bedrock's website is not update though but it does have two confirmed Facebook pages where one can get the latest updates about the bar.  Bedrock recently celebrated World Gin Day with many people from allover the metro in attendance. 

Special Services

Daily live music (rock).

Functions and catering possible.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Going to this Malate bar is a fine idea if you want good food, good beer, and good company. The manager and the rest of the crew are very accommodating. The atmosphere is quite decent, too, compared to some other bars in Malate.

Location & How To Get There

The bar and restaurant sits near Café Adriatico near Remedios Circle.

1782 M. Adriatico Street, Malate

Tel.: (63) 2 522 7278