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Ritual Organic Grocery sells a range of Filipino products coming from all over the country - from coffee produced in the Mountain Province to fish sauce from the southern parts of the Philippines. The shop recently moved from The Collective to Arnaiz Avenue, just a few minutes walk from Greenbelt.

General Information

When it opened in the early 2000s, Ritual was primarily a cosmetics shop selling anything from blush ons to organic face powder. By now it has many more organic Philippine products to offer, including organic food items, eco-friendly cleaning products and interesting tools. There are no meat products available, though, and the grocery can be classified as a niche store for certain things – spices, coffee, cocoa, bath products, and skin care items.

Make sure to bring your own containers if you are planning to buy a few things from the grocery, because they aren’t a fan of plastic bags. According to the owner, “Plastic is ugly, it leaches into your products and food, it clogs our waterways, and the carbon used to create plastic bags is totally not worth their function.” In a way, the little shop was a forerunner of the Makati plastic ban.

Special Services

Organic products for sale.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Megacitizens who visit Manila can go to this establishment if they do not have the time to go to the countryside and other islands to get a sampling of organic and indigenous products. The products have descriptions on where in the country they came from and reading these labels is just as much fun as buying stuff from the shop.

Location & How To Get There

Until February 2015, Ritual was located at The Collective, the center for underground culture and hip consumer goods in Malugay Street. Now it moved to the more centrally-located Arnaiz Avenue corner Makati Avenue, just a short walk from the Greenbelt Malls.

Ritual Organic Grocery

2/f Languages Internationale Building
926 Arnaiz Avenue (formerly pasay road)
Makati City

Tel: (63) 2 7345 486

twitter and instagram: @ritualph

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday 12 NN to 9 PM.