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Isla is one of the old timers when it comes to Makati entertainment. The place, although far away from the main nightspots in the business district, is visited by many of its patrons to take a short holiday in a beach-like setting.

General Information

The old bar has maintained its pebble-covered floor to have that beach feel – Isla after all means 'island' in the vernacular. Live acoustic music provides visitors of the place every evening with the right holiday vibes. The food is your usual Filipino bar food, with sisig as the place's bestseller.

Special Services

Live music from Monday to Saturday (Sundays closed).

Catering and parties.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

If you want to explore nightlife around Chino Roces, you should not miss out this old bar. It's a good place for a casual evening with a couple of friends, where you can share a cheap bucket of beer, smoke a cigarette, listen to smooth music, lean back and relax.

Location & How To Get There

1149 Chino Roces Avenue (formerly Pasong Tamo),

San Antonio, Makati

Website: Facebook