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Central BBQ Boy Grill in Malugay features a relaxed ambiance for those who would like to have a bite to eat and a few drinks. Although not in a prime location, Central BBQ Boy Grill is highly frequented by locals, thanks to the Grill’s affordable meals. Whether you’re looking for a place where there’s cheap local beer or a place to have that Filipino picnic experience, this Malugay establishment is the right choice.

General Information

Central BBQ Boy Grill’s laid back atmosphere is enhanced by wooden picnic tables. Dining al fresco over barbeque, rice, and a few beers are one of the things Filipinos love. In fact, picnics in the country are done this way and are almost synonymous to spending time with family and friends.

Due to the number of patrons who go to the restaurant it sometimes takes a while before the crew can serve your order. It is worth the wait, though, because the barbeque is delectable.

Central BBQ Boy has a dozen branches in and outside Metro Manila. Find your nearest grill here.

Special Services

The grill, even if it is famous as a place to enjoy a simple lunch, also serves beer and spirits. At night it gets packed with party hungry people enjoying the 'Bad Trip' cocktail in its one-litre serving and watch the waiters juggle plates of flaming food.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

If you want to experience Philippine cuisine in a laidback setting, this Malugay restaurant is one of your choices during day time. At night, it turns into a vibrant space of party-goers and those unwinding from a stressful day at work - the local way.

Location & How To Get There

The restaurant is near Caltex in Buendia right behind the Grepalife Building.

Malugay Street, Makati City