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B-Side is Makati’s venue for those who love alternative and progressive music. The bar and restaurant is home to a number of the most enigmatic musicians one has ever seen in the country. Groups that perform at B-Side include local and international artists.

General Information

B-Side is in itself a subculture and has gained a following in the past years for its uniqueness. Adding to its special flair are the drinks served from teapots – something that only B-Side does. One of the best places to hangout if you are tired of the usual bar happenings around the metro, B-Side offers audio as well as visual stimulation. A well-known club among those who live in the area, B-Side’s interior is enhanced with subdued lighting and avant-garde art.

To extend the weekend as long as possible, join the Irie Sunday, with the best of reggae, dancehall, and ska.

Special Services

B-Side has a radio station – they stream online.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

The bar is more than just a place to hangout, it is more of a community for musicians and artists where creativity of whatever form is encouraged. This isn’t surprising at all because the bar is owned by creative people – DJ Mulan, Jeff Ong, and Red-I.

Location & How To Get There

From Buendia, cross the train tracks going to South Super Highway, then make a right turn going to Malugay.

The Collective 7274 Malugay Street, San Antonio, Makati City


B-Side Event Highlights February 2015


Trisecta, Save the Prophet, Sobersky, Blackwolfgypsies, Mentalbullysm, Iostream, Mutya, Shades of Science, The Pools


The Southern Project with performances by Chasing Victoria, At Peace, Fire Exit, Kunting Lilac, SS109, Cuadro, Gin Rum N Truth, Unico


Paramore Night featuring Danita, Group Hug, Circa, Southern Lights, Bob, The Declared, TheSunManager, Now You Make Me Angry, Holiday Story, Iostream, Juancho's Back


Fliptop Anniversary


Bob Day featuring Lady I & Coffeebreak Island


Saydie Wrap Up Party featuring Saydie, The Chongkeys, False Apart, Godzilla VS. Tokyo, Jai Ichi, Maia, Arcane


Roots Rock Session featuring DJ I Am Tong & Coco Jam


Segunda Plaka 5


Reggae Bashment featuring Diggy Dang, Indio I & Turtle Club