Metro Manila · Enjoying the vibrant Tomas Morato Hotspot

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On a Sunday evening at around 8 pm the Megacities Team met in Quezon City to check out some places in the northern part of the Megacity. One of the real hotspots in the area is without a doubt Tomas Morato Street. Just a three-minute cab ride away from GMA-Kamuning MRT Station, the interesting part of Tomas Morato is located between Timog Avenue and Kamuning Road, where bars, clubs, and restaurants flock both the left and right sides of the street to form a long, lively strip.

The team decided to just stroll down the street from north to south and then back on the other side. Though at first the number of venues seemed way too high to cover in one evening, it soon became clear that more than half of the restaurants were the typical Filipino and international fast food and restaurant chains such as Jollibee and Brothers Burger. Some of them are open until the wee hours of the morning, which is good news for people who like to grab a bite before heading home after a long night of partying.

We singled out those locations that seemed particularly original, stylish, cozy, or that offered a cuisine you won't find everywhere else in the Megacity. The managers we spoke to in most bars and restaurants were excited by the idea of more Megacitizens coming and and would not only give us their contact information and the details of their menu, but also talk about the general theme or the history of the place, like what happened in a country-style steak house we visited. In those locations aimed at a cosmopolitan and international audience, the people were especially eager to talk to us. The manager of a newly-opened, stylish milk tea place even insisted in giving us a free taste of their products and invited us to the grand opening a couple of days later. Then there was a lounge that was closed on Sundays, but the owner saw us from inside and welcomed us in. She stopped doing her inventory for a while and patiently gave us information about the lounge and its wide range of drinks.

This part of Quezon City is quite vibrant at night but relatively quiet during daytime. Some restaurants, especially the ones that have stood there for decades, are open during the day. As one would expect, it is rare to see people flocking to the area during daytime though but at night, even during weekdays, Tomas Morato comes alive. This street is not only a place for drinking sprees though, it is also a culinary destination for many families around the Megacity