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The museum Casa Manila gives a detailed impression of upper-class life and style back in Spanish colonial times. However, the house is not an authentic relic, but a replica built in the 1980s.

It was Imelda Marcos who had ordered the reconstruction of an 1850s house in the heart of Intramuros, Manila's old walled center. The architecture of Casa Manila is marvelous, with a solid lower part of heavy bricks and a wooden third floor with the traditional Spanish-Philippine slide windows.

Inside the building, the luxurious household of a a family from the Spanish colonial elite has been imitated in every detail. Visitors can discover many curiosities, such as a toilet for two, surprisingly tiny beds, and a manual ceiling fan in the dining room.

The patio of Casa Manila, with a fountain in the center, makes you feel like you've been transferred to Andalusia. At the restaurant Barbara's you can enjoy the secluded atmosphere while having a coffee and snack. The other parts of the building complex are worth a visit as well, as they are housing more restaurants, art galleries, souvenir shops, and a travel agency.


Casa Manila

Gen. Luna Street corner Real Street, across San Agustin Church.

Intramuros, Manila City

Tel: (63) 2 527 4084

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 9 am to 6 pm.

Admission: 75 pesos for adults, 50 pesos for students.

For guided tours, call the Intramuros administration: (63) 2 527 2961.