Metro Manila · Cucina Andare Food Truck Market

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The rolling restos of Cucina Andare are back! Since April 4, 2014, the food trucks are serving their specialties on the rooftop of The Link, a retail building and car park in the heart of Makati.

Along with unique food, you will get live music, art exhibits, and a nice view over the surrounding malls and the central business district. The food trucks serve their specialties every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, starting in the late afternoon and only closing their mobile kitchens late at night.

When & Where

Cucina Andare

Thursdays to Saturdays, 4 pm to 3 am. 

Rooftop, The Link, Parkway Drive corner Makati Avenue, Ayala Center, Makati City

(between GloriettaMakati Shangri-La and Landmark)