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The Rizal Stadium started operations in 1934. It houses the Philippine National Football Team (the Azkals), the United Football League, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The stadium has been host to many international events ever since.

General Information

The national stadium has hosted major tournaments in the country as well as a number of Southeast Asian Games since the 1950s up to the early 1980s. When improvements were done to the stadium, the stadium played host again to the 1991 Southeast Asian Games and more recently to the 2005 Southeast Asian Games. Today, the stadium is also a popular concert venue.

In the last years, the Stadium has been renovated with a focus on football (soccer) and also on rugby. Therefore, it was able to host a FIFA World Cup qualifying soccer match in 2011 with over 12.000 seats offered to the audience.

The stadium might become just a memory soon, according to 2015 reports. 

Although the crumbling structure's football pitch was recently refurbished, the Philippine Sports Commission is considering the possibility of selling the complex. A number of developers reportedly showed interest in acquiring the property. There is no additional news yet regarding this issue and whether the commission will go through it. 

Location And How To Get There

Rizal Memorial Sports Complex,

Pablo Ocampo Street, Malate, Manila City

The Rizal Stadium is located near the Malate HotDot and the Roxas Boulevard HotSpot in Manila. You can go there by cab or car (there is a mall nearby with parking space) – but there is heavy traffic in this area, especially during rush hour.

Guide For Megacitizens

Watch Out

Unfortunately, the stadium still does not hold up to all international standards when it comes to hosting events. During the international soccer games our team watched, we were not able to discover any place where you can buy food or drinks. In addition to that, you are not allowed to bring any beverages inside other than water in plastic bottles. You can however order from McDonalds catering, the guys are roaming all over the stadium. The only way to escape this is to walk over to the mall on the other side of the street before, during and after the match.


Tickets for games can be bought from Ticketworld.