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A business district is always busy, especially during the rush hours roughly 7 am - 10 am and 4.30 pm to 8 pm. Except avoiding to drive during those times, there are some more details gathered by our Megacities team that might help you to stay sane when driving in Makati.

If you are not yet used to the streets in the business district, take our advise: get a cab. Traffic rules are constantly changing, making two-way streets one-way streets and the other way around. Especially the one-way streets and the prohibition of making u-turns at streets where you would like to make them can be a hassle. So before you bring your own car or motorbike to the Hotspots and Hotdots, learn the robes of where and where not to turn. The fines here are pretty high and officers waiting at exactly those corner where you really would like to make a u-turn but for some strange reason, it is not allowed. To stay out of trouble: have a look first.

This is also what our Megacities team did when taping the streets of Makati, taking videos and pictures. Getting some maps and doing a round first before trying to explore the place further was a good choice. As a foreign Megacitizens though you have one advantage: positive discrimination. If you do something wrong, be nice to the officers, explain them that you are not from here and - most of the time - they will let you go with a warning - especially because they do not like to engage into a lengthy discussion in English.

Ayala Avenue

Makati City

Lining up for a Cab at Landmark Makati