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Market! Market!’s name has exclamation points for a reason. Location and selection are the outdoor mall’s strengths making it a favorite shopping spot for those who like to shop in a clean and airy environment.

About the Mall

Although it is an open air market, the people who frequent the place belong to the upper middle class and the upper class. The place has over 60 vendors that sell anything from fruits, vegetables, grains and products that one cannot find in other supermarkets in the metro.

The convenience of having most of the things one needs to prepare a good meal i.e. one that requires prime ingredients comes with a price. The items sold in this market are usually 25% more expensive compared to buying them from other places. The people who shop here however are also paying for their parking space and for the convenience of finding anything from rice grains coming from Japan to orchids coming from the southern part of the country.

Apart from the outdoor area, for which Market! Market! is famous for, it also offers the conventional indoor mall facilities such as shopping areas, dining and entertainment places which include a lasertag arena and cinemas. 

Location And How To Get There

Market Market is located in the heart of the Fort Bonifacio Global City Hotspot and can be reached easily by car or cab. While parking options are quite limited, we would recommend going to the Mall by cab. Taking a cab to depart from the Mall is usually not a problem.

Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Tel: (63) 2 886 7519
Website: Market Market!

Guide for Megacitizens

Taxis Line and Parking

The taxi line is located near the Central Plaza.

Mall Hours

Monday to Sunday: 10 am - 10 pm

Arcade at Market Market!

Activity Center at Market Market!

Dance Arcade in Timezone

Celebrate Sinulog 2013

City: Taguig City (Metro Manila)

Hotspot: Bonifacio Global City

Street: McKinley Parkway

Sinulog Festival was celebrated at Market Market Mall, Taguig City on January 19-20, 2013.

Bonifacio Global City

Bonifacio Global City at 6:30pm