Metro Manila · Timelapse Video: Riding the Motorcycle to Work in Makati

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Let us take you on a wild ride through Metro Manila's Rush Hour! A timelapse video of riding a motorcycle to work, from a peaceful suburb in Paranaque through congested highways to Makati's Central Business District - two hours of crazy morning traffic in less than four minutes.

Timelapse: Going to Work on a Motorcycle

Motorcycles have recently become popular as a mode of transport going to work for Filipinos who have grown tired of Metro Manila's worsening traffic.

To some motorists and other vehicle drivers, however, these motorbike riders are an added road stress or  hazard. The country's traffic bureau has allotted proper lanes for these bikers on most major roads and highways. Even so, a lot of them still don't want to stay on their lane especially when traffic is really bad.
Motorbike riders in tandem are also feared nowadays due to recent crimes like bag-snatching that have been attributed to them. Mandaluyong City is the only city thus far that signed an ordinance banning motorbikes carrying two riders, unless the riders can prove that they are 1st-degree relatives.

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