Metro Manila · Photo Gallery and Videos: Panagbenga Festival 2015

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Flower Power in Baguio! Every February, the Philippine "summer capital" holds the Blooming Flower Festival "Panagbenga" to honor the city's floral treasures. One highlight are the parades and competitions of flower-clad floats, street dancers and marching bands along the main streets.

The first festival was held exactly 20 years ago, in 1995, symbolizing the city's comeback after the devastating Luzon earthquake of 1990. Apart from the parade weekends, the festival features a floral arangement competition, a bazaar, open-air music, floral street decorations, and more.

Panagbenga has become the most popular festival of the Philippines and Baguio is bursting with tourists during the "season of bloom". It is advisable to take care of travel arrangements and accommodation weeks in advance.


Panagbenga Street Dancing 2015

Panagbenga Float Parade 2015