Metro Manila · Manila Stammtisch in Berlin

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Megacitizens do not only come together for a Stammtisch in Manila but also in other parts of the world to talk about Manila. How it is referred to might be different but in the end the question is the same for everybody: "When are we going back to Manila?"

Last week, five people came together in Berlin more or less unexpectedly. While one was born and raised in the Megacity of Manila, the other four only spent a couple of months or years there. All of them got to know each other in Manila and now it was time to meet in the German capital Berlin and talk about Manila - similar to the regular Stammtisch taking place in the Megacity. Most of us are now working or studying in the Megacity Berlin, similar to what we were doing in Manila.

A fine Mexican restaurant provided us with spicy food and cold drinks and set the framework for a nice evening. While it was rather by accident that we were all in Berlin and free on the same evening, we did not really plan on coming together and talking about something specific - just sharing a round of drinks among friends. It did not take longer however, until the topic of Manila was brought up again, sharing memories of crazy things we did and dwelling in the past. While we all had our ups and downs in the Philippine Megacity, the positive sides prevailed throughout the discussion.

It was interesting to hear that all except one of us are going back to visit the city of our shared past at some point late this year or early next year - during local summer! I walked away from this fine evening with the thought in mind that once Manila gets you, it never lets you loose again.