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Services range from finding the favorite coffee brand in the new city to identifying the right school for the children. The common denominator is that all those services exist in every Megacity. For a Megacitizen who is new to a city it might be difficult to find what he is truly looking for – not anymore. Megacitizens will provide and share knowledge and experiences about their stay in the respective Megacities. All this will help a newly arrived Megacitizen to acquire all the information he needs and be able to settle down smoothly. 

  • is a one-stop-shop for your travels to and life in a Megacity!
  • is a community for like-living people, the Megacitizens!
  • is a holistic service facilitator for all Megacitizens!
  • is a community which makes you feel at home!


How can you support Running this project is of course not for free. Staff, technical platform and other resources cost some money, therefore we are happy with all the support we can get from you - as we believe that we are providing a useful service for the people living in Manila. If you do not think so, of course you should not support us, but if you like this site and would like to see it being here in the future, support us!

  1. The easiest way for you is to follow us on social media and share our articles and links with your followers - this really helps us a lot to reach more people and only costs you a bit of your time.
  2. Another way is to advertise with us. We make sure that you will reach your target group through articles, banners, videos, raffles and much more on!
  3. Want to become a Philippine business partner? We sure should get in touch.
  4. You like the idea of for your city or Megacity and would like to set it up for Paris, London, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro or any other city? Contact us!
  5. Donate to us. If you like what you are seeing for free, you can always donate to show your appreciation [donate function implemented soon].

About Megacitizens

Megacitizens are a community of people who are moving between and living in the Megacities of the world. The 21st century allows us to find a job abroad, go to another continent for some business meetings or take a one-week vacation in a foreign place. All of this includes the travel from or to a Megacity. We call those people 'Megacitizens'. Some Megacitizens live in a Megacity for several years - some others constantly hop from Megacity to Megacity. No matter if Megacitizens stay with their family for some time or just climb a mountain and fly back home, they have one thing in common: they look for information and ultimately services.

About Team

The Team behind is composed of people who are Megacitizens themselves. Having experienced the same difficulties while moving from one Megacity to another, or living on one for a while, has driven the members of the team to create, maintain and improve the website and its content. You can join the team as a supporter! Just use the contact form and let us know how you would like to contribute (pictures, articles ...) and we will include you in our team.

  • A content supporter is someone who delivers updates about events, news or genuine content to the rest of the team
  • A multimedia supporter knows the right moment and takes pictures and videos to share with the rest of the team
  • A social media supporter reports from events and about the website
  • An editor is someone who refines content and connects the dots to make the most of the existing content delivered by the supporters

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Stressed by information-overload? Here are some useful tips to find exactly what you are looking for!

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