Metro Manila · The Stammtisch after the floods

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That's how it is during rainy season. The Megacitizens Stammtisch in August had to be postponed for a week, due to the severe floods in Metro Manila. Naturally, one of the topics of the evening was how we all experienced and handled the weather last week.

We've gathered in the cozy green outside area of Grilla Bar and Grill in Kalayaan Avenue, enjoying cold drinks and a 'Rumble in the Jungle' party platter. The Megacitizens were from different professional fields, mainly NGOs and international organizations, marketing and media, and other service industries.

Many new faces joined the meet-up, and some of them had just arrived in Manila when typhoon Maring brought the city life to a halt for a couple of days. One guest even had to spend two days at a provincial Philippine airport, as all flights to Manila had been canceled. At least he got his money back after insisting a bit.

Others were better prepared. They had bought rubber boots and – just in time - did their groceries in over-crowded supermarkets with few open cashiers, as much of the staff had not been able to go to work anymore. Afterwards, most Megacitizens would just seclude themselves in their houses or their condominium unit on the 20th floor, chat online with friends, watch TV, read, and wait till the water in the streets subsided. Some also decided to do something afterwards, and helped packing rescue packages for the Philippine Red Cross.

The upcoming September Stammtisch is already being planned. We will update you with time and place through our Facebook Fanpage.

As always, we are looking forward to see more new faces and all the old faces!