Metro Manila · Stammtisch September 30: International Holidays and Festivities

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What are the yearly event highlights for the expats and Megacitizens of Metro Manila? The Megacitizens "Stammtisch" Meeting in September will discuss this and other questions concerning the good life in the Philippines at Le Cafe Curieux, Makati City.

Oktoberfest, Fete de la Musique, Cine Europa, American Independence Day... The year in Manila is filled with international holidays an celebrations where you can enjoy food, music and/or culture from countries all over the world. Which is your favorite event and why? Share your tips with like-minded people at the Megacitizens Stammtisch, the casual monthly get-together for an international crowd.

Just drop by on Tuesday, September 30, from 8 pm onwards at Le Cafe Curieux in the Jupiter-Burgos-Kalayaan Hotspot.  The quaint French café and bar is situated in Badajos Street, see the map on the right side for the exact location in Makati City.

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