Metro Manila · September Stammtisch with Megacitizens from all over the World

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Successful networking in Manila: Megacitizens who joined the monthly get-together of in Bugsy's Bar & Bistro represented all five continents.

Almost twenty Megacitizens gathered around the long tables of Bugsy's, the stylish bar in the heart of Salcedo Village, to discuss basic needs, local life and everything else under the sun.

One of the top issues of the day was networking. Where – apart from our Stammtisch - do you find like-minded people for nightlife, sports, and business? It turns out that there are plenty of opportunities in Metro Manila, but that they are not always easy to find. Check our Communities & Networks section to get some ideas.

"Challenges of being an expat" made it to be another abiding theme of the Stammtisch. No matter if work visa or binational relationships - the challenges are plenty. However, the Stammtisch turns out to be a good place for discussing issues and finding answers to crucial questions such as “Where do I find a well-paid job?” or “Which bars have the widest selection of international beers?”.

The next Stammtisch for the month of October is already being planned and we are looking forward to see more new faces. Megacities will let you know about time and place. Like our Facebook page to get regular updates!

5th Megacities Stammtisch

Every month, Megacities organize a get-together event with megacitizens in Manila.