Metro Manila · Reliving Glenda and discovering Philippines' hidden gems - the July Stammtisch

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The recent typhoon Glenda as well as some of the hidden hotspots in Metro Manila were the topic of the July Stammtisch. The expats shared their experiences having no electricity and Internet for several days after the storm hit Manila. They also mentioned a few nice areas in Metro Manila for drinks and food that are not yet that popular.

The July Stammstisch was held once again at the al fresco area of Gilligan's at the A Venue mall in Makati City. The expats talked about staying indoors and enduring a few days without electricity and being disconnected from friends on social media with the Internet down in some areas. Those living in condominiums had to suffer elevators that suddenly stopped working in the aftermath of the storm. For example, one had to go down 22 floors and back again just to check on his parents who were in the country to attend his wedding. Another wasn't able to work for a week with the Internet in the area being fixed.

Late into the night, and over a few bottles of beer, the conversation switched to vacation spots in the Philippines dubbed as the next Boracay, the criminal code of the Philippines being too outdated, the much too harsh punishments of crimes in the Philippines compared to Europe, the difference between the Philippines and Europe when it comes to law schools, the banking system in the country being not interlinked, and how most Europeans are not that particular about which school one came from unlike here in the Philippines. There were also some comparisons about the traffic in Metro Manila, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. Drivers are apparently more aggressive in the latter.

The updated policy on visitors' visa and the new airport terminal in the Philippines were pointed out.

The meet-and-greet ended with leads to the capital's less popular dining spots like Ba Noi's and Bagnet restaurants in Makati. Some of them frequent bars like Finders Keepers, Exit Bar, and Speakeasy --all located in Makati.

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