Metro Manila · Megacitizens from five countries joined first 'Stammtisch'

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Why did we come to Manila? What are our favorite places to hang out? Are there online job markets for bilinguals? People from three continents participated in the first Megacitizens Manila 'Stammtisch' in Salcedo Village. The casual monthly meeting is organized by as an opportunity to share questions and experiences and to get to know other expats.

It was a mixed crowd of Megacitizens that gathered alfresco at 121 Grille and Restaurant, with nacho chips and ice cold San Miguel Beer: young professionals from Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sudan, and the Philippines, working as BPO employees, interns, representatives of the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce, and financial analysts.

Some have been in the Philippines for years and made Manila their home, others had just arrived two weeks ago and thus only started exploring the big city. The reasons for coming to Manila are just as diverse: job opportunities, studies, love, Philippine origins, or simply thirst for adventure.

The topics of the evening ranged from leisure ( music festivals, bowling, favorite Asian countries, bars with many expats) and language (learning Tagalog, making money with your mother tongue) to local customs and cultural differences (riding the jeepney, skin whitener vs. tanning beds).

The next Stammtisch for the month of June is already being planned and we are looking forward to see more new faces. Megacities will let you know about time and place.