Metro Manila · Megacitizens Stammtisch in November: Christmas, global cities, and the storm

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Typhoon Yolanda still dominates conversations and affects everyday life in Manila, including the Megacitizens Stammtisch.

The international circle of Megacitizens exchanged the latest updates on the situation in the storm-affected areas, and discussed the disaster management of the government and rescue operations of foreign countries. Several people arrived later as they came directly from one of the relief packing stations, others left early to volunteer for a nightshift of packaging goods to be sent to the affected areas.

As usual, our group of people from a variety of different countries such as Cambodia, Brazil, Korea or Switzerland discussed all the issues that are important for Megacitizens around the world. Hot topics of the night were the the exorbitant rents and endless traffic jams in global cities from Manila to Rio de Janeiro.

Another topic was Christmas - naturally, as Manila is already fully equipped for the holidays. Ayala Avenue is now illuminated with Christmas lights all along the street, and malls are selling any kinds of Christmas items since early September. It was interesting to hear what Megacitizens from other countries miss during this time of the year (e.g. roasted turkey) and how they celebrate the holy night traditionally.

The get-together was held at Dencio's Bar and Grill in the Paseo Center right across Ayala Triangle. The restobar has a cozy terrace, providing a stunning view over the surrounding skyscrapers of Salcedo Village.

The next Stammtisch will be held in the first week of December and we are looking forward to see new faces. Like our Facebook page or contact us to receive regular updates!

7th Megacities Stammtisch

The 7th Megacities Stammtisch was held on November 15, 2013 at Dencio's and 121 Grille and Restaurant.