Metro Manila · Leisure Time with Leche Flan - the May Stammtisch

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While enjoying sweet Leche Flan and San Miguel Apple, Megacitizens from Brazil, Panama, Germany, and the Philippines exchanged the best ideas for free time activites in and around Manila.

Megacitizens never run out of ideas on how to spend their free time: meeting friends for drinks in one of the countless bars and clubs, watching movies in one of Manila's well-equipped cinemas, having a mango shake at Ayala Triangle, singing along during concerts and karaoke evenings, or doing social work with children and senior citizens during the weekend. 

And even at home it never gets boring: the best ways to relax after a long working week are reading a book by the pool, skyping with the family, watching series online, or having a massage and "mani-pedi" home service.

The Megacitizens Stammtisch is a monthly get-together for the expats and citizens of Manila. Just drop by at Giligan's (A Venue Mall) in Makati City. Contact us, join our forum, and/or like our Facebook page to stay updated! We are always looking forward to see new and familiar faces.


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