Metro Manila · January Stammtisch with a Look into the Future

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After weeks of Christmas preparations, family get-togethers,traveling, and New Year's celebrations, it was time for the Megacitizens to met up again in 2014 and chat about life in the Metropolis.

It is always exciting to get together with people from all over the world after vacations to hear how and where they celebrated the holidays. Some spent the whole week in the province with relatives and the karaoke machine, others took a flight to their home country for a family gathering. One enjoyed a New Year's Eve firework at the bay of Hong Kong, others watched the fireworks in Manila from their condominium on the 30th floor, avoiding injuries that happen all to often.

The 'question of the evening' at the laid-back 121 Salcedo Village was: could you imagine living in Manila in 20 year? And how would it be like?

There will probably be even more people, more traffic, more unemployment, and no empty spots left in the city at all. On the other hand, who knows what technology might bring? And more importantly, people - in particular the middle classes - already start demanding more from the government and awareness campaigns for social and environmental issues are making appearances more often. 

It is not easy to precisely predict and imagine Manila in 2034, but optimism prevails in the end.

The February Stammtisch is already being planned and we are looking forward to see new and familiar faces! Send us a message or like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date. 

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