Metro Manila · International Holidays and Festivities - September Stammtisch

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Guests from a cultural institute, international chamber, top corporation and local media joined the September Stammtisch held at the cozy and relaxing Le Cafe Curieux in Makati City. The lively discussion ranged from international holidays to cooking and looking for healthier options to eat in Metro Manila. 

Among the most anticipated international holidays and festivities include the Chinese New Year, St. Patrick's Day, Fete de la Musique, Bastille Day, Cine Europa, German Unity Day, Oktoberfest, St. Nicholas Day, among others.  

Some of the Megacitizens talked about living in Shanghai and Beijing, recalling how culturally different they are compared to the Philippines, for instance. The went on to compare the drinking culture between the Philippines and China, saying that the former doesn't seem to have a "national liquor day" of sorts. Another Megacitizen mentioned how he loves gising-gising, a local dish made of ground beans, green beans, coconut milk and chilis. He looked up the recipe on Google. Another favorite dish is menudo, a pork and liver stew with tomato sauce, potatoes and carrots. Needless to say, he has gained weight since arriving in the Philippines. One Megacitizen noted how Filipinos are becoming more conscious on what they eat. That Filipino food is getting healthier nowadays.

New business concepts that are emerging in Germany have been shared as well. One of which is a store wherein customers are able to buy only the exact amount or quantities of ingredients they needed for a certain dish. 

The friendly and relaxing atmosphere of Le Café Curieux, particularly the al fresco area where the Stammtisch group gathered together, proved the perfect backdrop to the conversation that lasted up to past midnight.

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