Metro Manila · Enjoying the last dry days - the June Stammtisch

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The coming rainy season was the big issue of the June Stammtisch. Fortunately the weather was good when expats and Megacitizens from all over Metro Manila met to exchange their stories of sudden floods and overpriced umbrellas.

As usual, the monthly Megacitizens Stammtisch meeting was held in the outside area of Giligan's in Makati City. An international crowd shared what to expect in the upcoming months: stories of wading through flooded streets on the way to the office, making friends while being stuck at Starbuck's for hours due to the rain, and buying the last available umbrella at 7-Eleven (the pink one with Barbie imprint for 250 pesos).

For tips and tricks to be prepared, read our articles "Living with the Floods" and "Rainy Season start".

The Megacitizens Stammtisch is a casual and international get-together, a great occasion to make new friends and talk about everything under the Philippine sun. Come and join us, we are always happy to see new as well as familiar faces! Contact us or like our Facebook page to stay updated!

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