Metro Manila · Enjoying the good life at the Megacitizens Stammtisch

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A mixed group of expats and Filipinos met for the Megacitizens Stammtisch in October to talk about everything that's fun in Manila and the Philippines.

Travel, culture, food, and nightlife – Megacitizens love the opportunity of sharing insider tips to enjoy the good life in Manila. At this month's expat get-together we focused on “domestic joys abroad”, from food and goods from one's home country to international events such as the recent Oktoberfest. Where can I find French wine and cheese, which restaurant serves Turkish fast food, and where do they show European movies? At the Megacitizens Stammtisch you'll find the answer.

Around 15 people – from new arrivals to long-term residents- had come together at 121 Grille & Restaurant in the heart of Salcedo Village, one of the city's expat HotSpots.

The next Stammtisch for the month of November is already being planned and we are looking forward to see more new faces. Megacities will let you know about time and place. Like our Facebook page to get regular updates!

6th Megacities Stammtisch

Megacitizens gathered for the 6th time this year at 121 Grille and Restaurant in Makati City.